In the hot tub on the roof of the castle

Part of everyone accommodation package is a private wellness with a minimum length of 1 hour, which offers private whirlpool and a rooftop sauna Chateau Trnova. Please book the time of your private wellness associated with your stay as soon as possible by e-mail

Wellness, spa, relaxation, health, energy.

There are a lot of words, but nothing compares to the experience at Chateau Trnová. You are sitting in a spacious, heated, new and luxurious hot tub. Your whole body replenishes energy, health and vitality. Every cell in your body harmonizes. And the mind is filled with joy and optimism. Yes! Such an experience awaits you at Chateau Trnová! In addition, you have rooftop terraces, a sauna and an indoor pool. Every day from 9:00 to 22:00.

Jacuzzi and terraces in Chateau Trnová

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