Castle breakfast

Romantic breakfast at the castle

Every day from 8:00 to 10:30
Castle buffet tables
Or a served castle breakfast
Unlimited food consumption
Unlimited consumption of tea and coffee

The fairytale atmosphere of Chateau Trnová

Price CZK 495 / person
Reservation required 24 hours in advance at

Accept our cordial invitation to Chateau Trnová. Experience the fairytale atmosphere of our castle. We look forward to you.

Unlimited consumption of food, selected teas and coffee

The romantic breakfast includes unlimited food, tea and coffee for the entire duration of the castle breakfast. Possibility of free parking in a monitored parking lot.

Chateau Trnová

We are a castle with a family soul

Our heartfelt dream is to turn Chateau Trnová into a place where people can unite and strengthen relationships--with family, friends, or colleagues--while surrounded by both natural and human-made beauty. Our main focus is ‘Life in Balance’ and we are determined to achieve that focus in various ways.

As modern human beings, we often face busy lives. We often get the feeling that we do not have enough time for our loved ones or ourselves. At Chateau Trnová we try our best to help our guests to find the life in balance.

We want to be a place where the busy life of the big city stays behind the castle walls. Upon entering the castle gardens, you will be greeted by a feeling of harmony. We honestly believe that we can help you to bring more quality into your life.

We take care of your comfort

A charm of home

Yours Team Chateau Trnová

Plan a romantic breakfast at the castle

Leave us your phone number and email. We will call you back ourselves.
Write to us at
Call us at +420 704 972 501.
Or simply come.

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    Come to us. Enjoy a romantic breakfast at the castle. We look forward to you.

    Chateau Trnova Hotel & Restaurant

    Romantic breakfast at the castle

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