Enjoy spring in our romantic and family castle

Come and relax in our chateau. Hotel rooms and spaces are designed for your convenience. In the castle restaurant you can enjoy great food from the famous chef Pavel Veltruský. Part of the accommodation is the entrance to the relaxation zones: whirlpool on the roof of the castle, sauna, terraces, swimming pool, library, garden and lounge.

Balicky Chateau Trnova

Valentine's stays

Enjoy Valentine's Day in our romantic and family castle, just a stone's throw from the center of Prague. The package is available from Friday 11 February (first arrival date) until Tuesday, February 15 (last date of departure). Choose from 1 - 4 nights according to your wishes.

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Easter stays

Experience the classic castle Easter in close proximity to the capital city of Prague. Enjoy spring in our romantic and family castle. The package is available from Thursday, April 14 (first arrival date) until Monday, April 18 (last date of departure). Choose from 1 - 4 nights according to your wishes.

Chateau Trnová: Life in Balance

We focus on creating a balance of life, or Life in Balance, in many different ways. As modern human beings, we often face busy work and family lives and the feeling that we do not have enough time for our loved ones or ourselves. At Chateau Trnová we try to help our guests find this balance. We want to be a place where the busy life of the big city stays behind the castle wall. Upon entering castle grounds you will be welcomed in our park by a feeling of calm and we believe that we can help you bring more quality to life.

Chateau Trnova Wine Shop - Hotel & Restaurant Chateau Trnova

Wine cellar

Plan a corporate or private tasting celebration. Visit our newly opened wine cellar.

Chateau Trnová Restaurant - Restaurant at the Chateau near Prague - Exceptional experience, culinary specialties, castle feast, fresh food, wine and champagne

Company events

Plan corporate event, team-building, training or congress meeting at the castle near Prague.

5-course menu with wine pairing - Tasting in the Chateau Trnová Restaurant

Corporate party

You will feel at home with us 🙂 We will be happy to organize for you corporate party or private celebration.

Tasting dinner, wine pairing, corporate and private celebrations in Chateau Trnová

Private celebrations

Plan your birthday celebration, family reunion or bachelor party at the castle.

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