Welcome to our newly opened hotel, which is located just a 20minutes drive from the Prague city center. We offer an accommodation in 10 newly renovated hotel rooms. Rooms are divided into several categories. Some are equipped more modern, others a bit more in chateau style. However, we have focused on your comfort and making you feel good with us.

In addition to the usual accommodation in the rooms, there are other possibilities how to enjoy your stay at us. You can relax in the library, in the Lounge, on the terraces or in the garden or enjoy a great meal in our restaurant, where the team of chef Pavel Veltruský cooks.

There are two golf courses nearby (in Zbraslav and in Líšnice). You will also love the walks around the area, or it is possible to arrange a horse riding. If you would like to "just" recharge your batteries and wander, then the castle garden is an ideal place for that!

The hotel has a wonderful atmosphere that will enchant you. Be welcome!

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Chateau Trnová - Chateau near Prague